City Council Gives Final Stamp to Ending Oil and Gas Extraction

Oil pumps at sunset

While the actual deadline is still several years away, Culver City has formalized its decision to end oil and gas extraction in the city limits by adopting an ordinance at the Oct. 25, 2021 City Council meeting. 

The City Council adopted an ordinance approving a Zoning Code Amendment, which amends a section of the Culver City Municipal Code pertaining to Nonconforming Oil Use. This amendment terminates Nonconforming Oil and Gas Uses in the City of Culver City, including within the Culver City portion of the Inglewood Oil Field by November 24, 2026.

City Attorney Heather Baker released a statement noting that “Because oil and gas activities remaining today were established prior to the time those activities were prohibited, such previously established oil and gas uses have been allowed to continue operation as a nonconforming use per the CCMC and when compliant with the provisions of the CCMC pertaining to Oil, Gas and Hydrocarbons.” 

“Monday night’s City Council action affirms the City Council’s leadership, along with the tireless efforts of our City Council Oil Drilling Subcommittee, City staff, and community members, for this significant undertaking. It’s imperative that the City Council consider continued adoption of these types of policies, which lead to environmental protection and public safety on a large scale,” noted Mayor Alex Fisch.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has subsequently adopted a similar legal stance against drilling for oil in the county, which could positively impact the city’s process.  


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