Virtual Friday Night Films at the Wende: Debris from Complex Vessels

There is footage, and there is film; it requires one to make the other, but there are always pieces that go unused and often forgotten. They may tell a bigger story, or even an entirely different one. 

Virtual Friday Night Films at the Wende: Debris from complex vessels–fragments from the non-aligned newsreels

This documentary lecture performance integrates unseen archival footage, sound recordings, uncovered documents, and personal diaries to weave together the untold story of a trove of film archives kept in the former Yugoslav capital of Belgrade, filmed by the cameraman of President Josip Tito.

From the birth of the Third World as a political project in the late 1950s to the battle of liberation movements across Africa to seize control of their own media narratives, filmmaker/artist Mila Turajlić explores the role cinema plays in reimagining political communities.

Through October 9, 2021
Presented by Los Angeles Filmforum

The Actors' Gang

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