Culver City Begins Household Hazardous Waste Pick-Ups with ACTenviro

Most residents find them selves with some household hazardous waste – lightbulbs, batteries, paint, household cleaners, and wonder how to best dispose of them. Now, the city is partnering with a local environmental services firm, ACTenviro to offer a curbside collection service by appointment. There is a fee of $125 flat rate per pickup, and a limit of 125 pounds. 

Keeping these things out of the city’s regular sanitation services pickup important. Just like the bulky item pick up, you are asked to have the items in front of your residence, and you must be home at the time of the pick up. 

The schedule for service, call (310) 253-6400.

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  1. I think it’s great that the City of Culver City is trying to find ways to help residents dispose of household hazardous waste, especially the large items, safely. However, there are many in Culver City who may not have enough hazardous material on hand to budget $125 for a pick-up, or even the budget for a home pick-up at all. Perhaps the city is able to adjust the price for those with a financial need and other factors (lack of transportation, disability, etc.)? In any case, the LA County also offers free hazardous waste collection for those who can get it to one of several permanent SAFE centers on their own. The closest are at UCLA on Fridays (no eWaste) and Saturdays (eWaste OK), and the Hyperion plant in El Segundo, on Saturdays and Sundays.

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