Housing Policies? Your Thoughts?

Help Culver City address its housing needs by reviewing and providing input on Culver City’s Draft Housing Element

As part of the City of Culver City’s General Plan Update (GPU), a draft 2021-2029 Housing Element is now online for public input. The Housing Element is the main planning guide to meet Culver City’s current and future housing needs. Between now and October 1, please review and provide input on the Draft Housing Element and share this with others you know who live, work, and play in Culver City.

Your input will inform the final draft prepared for the Planning Commission’s recommendation in November and City Council’s adoption decision in December 2021. A summary of public comment received, a list of comments add to the online draft, and how the document was revised will be shared with the community.

Also, make sure to check out the GPU’s updated Frequently Asked Questions. The topics include GPU Basics, Community Input and Timeline, Housing Element, Affordable Housing, and Preferred Land Use Map. Information is included that may help as you review the draft Housing Element. 


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  1. Hey Judith, Could you provide the link for us to easily review this important information? I don’t find the website for the city so intuitive. Thanks!

  2. Link has been updated – let us know if there are further issues.

    Also – sign up for Sept. 3 online meeting on State housing policy.

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