CC4MH Housing Campaign Starts With Volunteers & Door Hangers

Carlson Park was humming with activity on Sunday, April 25, 2021. There was a Tai Chi class, a birthday party, a karate dojo, and a group of volunteers looking to start a conversation on housing in Culver City. 

Organizer Jason David of Culver City for More Housing (CC4MH) talked to the group about walking the neighborhoods to leave door hangers. The goal was to get more people involved in getting the city council to agendize a discussion on ending the zoning laws that promote exclusionary housing. With the motto “There is no racial justice without housing justice,” the volunteers took materials to all parts of the city to launch an awareness campaign. 

Citing a ban on multi-family housing as a tool of segregation, the organization has a goal of May 10 to get on the city council agenda. 

David offered some numbers for the morning’s launch, saying “We had a total of 24 volunteers participate and while I don’t have the final count on how many door hangers were distributed, my estimate is that we hung up about 200-225. We covered most of Culver City residential areas although there are still a few more we’re going to get to this week.”
Judith Martin-Straw


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  1. Thank you, Judith!! CC4MH is very excited to continue spreading the word for housing policy in Culver City that is just, equitable and sustainable.

    We’ve tried not building homes in Culver City. It’s not working. Time to try building homes in Culver City.

    –Patrick Meighan
    Culver City for More Homes

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