Artist Laureate Emeritus Janet Hoult on Homelessness

Our streets at night can be cold and damp
Sometimes they can feel just like a swamp

Our homeless are surviving on the streets
With little to protect them–their bodies and feet

So, when it’s cold and damp somehow
We all need to think of how

To provide them with help–a saving grace
For who knows, one day we could be in their place

We need a work plan in Culver City to end homelessness
A program like Direct Housing seems to be one of the best.

When compared with current expenses, it costs much less
And it has a proven record of success–
To end homelessness

Thank you, Culver City, for working to make life better for all your citizens

Dr. Janet Cameron Hoult
Culver City’s Honorary Artist Laureate for Poetry 2015-2019

The Actors' Gang

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