Scopley HQ ‘Synapse’ Nears Completion

Game company Scopley is closing in on completion of their new Culver City headquarters on Washington Boulevard, just across from the Expo station. Designed by Abramson Architects, the building is called “Synapse” and features molded glass fiber panels that will have LED lighting embedded in the facade; a clever visual pun on neurological connections of thought. 

Scopley, founded in 2011, is known for its Star Trek games, and was called “One of the world’s most innovative companies,” by the business journal Fast Company. The company was valued at $3.3 billion in 2020.

Four stories high, the gaming HQ will have 60,000 square feet of offices on its upper floors and 6,000 square feet of commercial space at street level.

An underground parking garage will use stackers to allow space for 200 cars. 

Employees are expected to be in this summer. 

Photo credit; Abramson Architects


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