CCPD Releases Use of Force Report for 2020

Culver City Police have posted information about use of force incidents in 2020. These facts, while insightful, should be considered in light of the fact that there was an historic lack of traffic, business and social interaction in Culver City from March through the end of the year, because of pandemic closures and restrictions; 2020 was not a normal or typical year for anyone, police included.  

Police reported 42,255 official public contacts last year, with 1,228 arrests. The majority of these were traffic stops; with the new departmental policy of not pulling people over for minor vehicular maintenance infractions, these numbers could significantly shift next year. 

There were 108 use force arrests in 2020, according to the department. The statistics include 423 citations and  805 jail bookings.

One officer-involved shooting happened in 2020, officials said. A man, who police say had a knife, was shot and killed, and a Culver City police officer was accidentally shot by other officers in Culver City in August 3, 2020. The shooting occurred in the rooftop parking area of a multi-story building in the 8800 block of Washington Boulevard, near Landmark Avenue.

The exemption for parking tickets – the city held off on both parking meter infractions and street sweeping from April 10, 2020 until March 15 2021 – would have also greatly increased the number of citations.

CCPD ‘s press liaison Lt. Soria Estrada was not available for comment. 

Judith Martin-Straw


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