Dear Editor – Why I Voted for Daniel Lee

Dear Editor, 

  In 2018 my wife and I received a flier, hand-delivered, to our small apartment at the end of a long driveway off of Prospect Avenue. The only time any politician has personally canvassed our hidden home in the eight years since I moved in. The note left behind said that he said he was sorry he missed us. Later, while reviewing DSA’s list of local recommendations we saw Daniel Lee for Culver City City Council. He was the same guy who came to our door. We checked out his platform and he was fighting for everything we believed in!

   When the time came, we were proud to drop off our ballots in person. It’s astonishing, the difference felt between pride and obligation, when casting a vote for someone who is principally aligned with your values. Not just someone who makes you shrug because well, at least they don’t want to privatize the Post Office, but someone who understands the fundamental difference between universal healthcare and a public option. Someone who doesn’t take money from police, oil and gas or insurance companies. Someone who is critical of performative gestures without substantive action.

  In my view, the working class left is losing ground to institutional power and Daniel is the only candidate that is radical enough to persevere without it. If we want to win we have to be strong. We have to believe that a better world is possible and we have to fight for it. I believe that’s what Daniel is doing and I will help him fight. That’s why I voted for him and that’s why I encourage Culver City to do the same.

Thank you,
Danny Young

The Actors' Gang

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