Takeout Tuesday + OCD Fundraiser (Delicious Ways to Do Good)

As we continue to distance to prevent the spread of virus, eating out is over for now, so Takeout Tuesday is back. This Tuesday, there are even two restaurants to focus on, as we boost a fundraiser for the Office of Child Development. 

You could even order one for lunch and one for dinner – both Rutts Hawaiian Cafe and Tut’s Egyptian Cuisine will be donating a part of their proceeds to help teachers and aides during the pandemic. 

Y0u’ll get 5% off your order, and 20% of the total goes to the fundraiser. 

It starts today! Use the code OCD2012 to order online and pop by to pick up. 

Go to https://www.ruttscafe.com/

or https://www.tutsgrill.com/


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