Culver City to Open Playgrounds, Reduce Occupancy at Grocery Stores

With restrictions updated on Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2020 at 7:36 pm, Culver City will join with Los Angeles County in allowing playgrounds to open for use.  The restrictions, which were lifted by the state yesterday morning, will allow children (and their parents) another option for much-needed fun.

Shelly Wolfberg, Assistant to the Culver City City Manager John Nachbar, offered that today is the day; the  yellow ‘caution’ tape will be taken down from play structures and free access to equipment will return. 

Another update on COVID procedures will be to reduce grocery store occupancy from 50% to 35%. Masks are, of course, required for entry, and gloves are also recommended. Making a meal plan and a list, shopping as infrequently as possible is also recommended, and going during early or late hours may allow less time waiting in line to enter. 

Photo- Syn Kronenthal Park 


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