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With corporate coffee popping up on just about every open corner in Culver City, it’s good to have another new independent brewing. Where the new Citizens Public Market opens it’s doors, the first aroma you encounter is the coffee from goodboybob, and it’s one you’ll remember. 

A very simple menu (with some charming complexities) offering espresso, lattes, mocha and the like. Not just the usual coffee; extraordinarily good coffee. Some of the best coffee I’ve ever had and I’m a bit of a fanatic.  

They also do some amazing recipes called “pour overs” that focus on specific  coffee growing locations and additional ingredients; Ethiopia Nano Genji, adding lime, peach, cherry cola and white tea; or a Guatemala El Socorro Gesha, with guava, jasmine and tropical fruit and peach.

While you are order coffee, think about getting a pastry to go with it. Amazing croissants, banana bread, doughnuts – there is a whole menu I’ve not sampled yet, but I’ll be back as soon as possible. When something as simple as coffee and a croissant is that good, it’s an easy bet that the rest of the menu is equally worthy. 

But, go for the coffee. It’s a whole level above anything corporate. There are even delivery options available. 

I promise, caffeine and sugar are going to get us through all this. Good job, bob ! 

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