Election Updates – Ballots Added, Contests Remain Unchanged

The November 20 update from the Los Angeles County Registrar have added to the vote totals, but left all candidates in the same position.

The city council contest remains static; Albert Vera, Jr. leads with 10,639 votes, Yasmine-Imani McMorrin holds second place with 10,456 votes. Third place is held by incumbent Mayor Goran Eriksson with 8,681 votes, and still very close behind in fourth is challenger Freddy Puza with 8,654. 

Eriksson’s totals have given him a slight increase on the lead, moving from an 18 vote lead to a 27 vote lead. 

Measure B remains defeated with 54.51% voting no, and Measure RE remains successful, with 51.89% voting yes. 

Update will be posted by the county until the final total on Nov. 30, 2020.  

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