Election Update – Votes Added; Vera and McMorrin Still Leading, Eriksson and Puza Still Close

The ballot update from Los Angeles County added more Culver City votes to the total, but did not change the results; Albert Vera. Jr. ( with 10,596 votes, taking 18.72% of the total) and Yasmine Imani McMorrin (with 10, 431 votes, at 18.43% of the total) remain the leaders, and the race for third is still too close to call.

Incumbent Mayor Goran Eriksson still holds a lead of exactly 18 votes over challenger Freddy Puza. The update, which added in 40 votes, did not sway the margin between third and fourth by even a single ballot.

Eriksson has 8,650 votes, 15.28% of the total, and Puza has 8,632, 15.25% of the total. 

With the next updates scheduled for Nov. 20, Nov. 24, Nov. 27 and Nov. 30, it is still not known how many more ballots are waiting to be counted for Culver City.

New council members will be sworn in at the city council in December. 

Judith Martin-Straw


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