The Morning After – McMorrin & Vera Succeeding, Puza and Eriksson Still Close, Measure B Fails

After a long campaign and a quiet election day, results for The Culver City Council race show Yasmine-Imani McMorrin as the top vote getter with 8,527 votes, Albert Vera coming up next with 8,409 votes, and Freddy Puza in third place with 7101 votes. 

Goran Eriksson is close to holding his seat  with 6,908. The difference between Eriksson and Puza is so thin, it will have to be decided in the final certification. 

The rest of the field ended with Darrel Menthe bringing in 6, 488 votes, Heather Wollin with 3030 votes, Khin Khin Gyi with 2354 votes, and Robert Zirgulis with 1627. Another 1074 people voted for Anthony Rizzo, who had long since withdrawn from the race. 

Measure B was defeated with 9,863 votes against and 7941 votes in favor. The controversial proposal from Protect Culver City would have nullified the rent control measures passed by the council last year, and forbid any rent control without direct voter approval.

Measure RE was successful,  providing for a real estate transaction tax on properties valued higher than $ 1.5 million. It won with 9,344 people voting favor, and 8281 voting against. 

Dr. Kelly Kent and Paula Amazola de Herrera both swept to victory in the school board race, with 8, 710 votes and 7446 votes respectively.

Holly Mitchell handily beat Herb Wesson for the seat on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, 280,912 to 180,696. This brings a fresh face with an accomplished track record onto on one of the most powerful local governing bodies in the nation. Mitchell is stepping away from a State Senatorial position to return to her hometown after huge success in Sacramento. 

Assembly member Sydney Kamlager is holding a strong lead in the contest for the 54th, with 65.38% of the vote. 

Congresswoman Karen Bass crushed her contest, winning 86.61% of the vote for the 37th Congressional District.

These are early returns, but numbers have continued trending in this direction all night, and results are unlikely to change. 

Judith Martin-Straw

The Actors' Gang


  1. Judith, thank you for this update. “Think positive, test negative,” Gar Allen.
    Best wishes, keep on truckin’

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