What Do You Think Of the General Plan Update? Your Input is Vital

Through community meetings, online surveys, and discussions with community stakeholders, the General Plan Advisory Committee, and City Council, the community explored visions for the future of Culver City, what makes the city unique and special, and what things people would like to change.

They summarized the community’s aspirations and priorities into three components: Community Vision for the Future, Core Values, and key Guiding Principles for the General Plan.

Many residents have not been heard from, and it’s important that they should be. You can review the draft document and statements and tell the city what you think by December 10, 2020.  Are the Vision, Core Values, and Guiding Principles consistent with our vision for Culver City in 2045? Your feedback will help the planning team develop a General Plan that continues to improve the quality of life in Culver City for all.

The GPU offers Culver City a chance to develop a roadmap that reflects our community’s values, making Culver City the best it can be for everyone.

More information about the General Plan, what it covers, and why Culver City is updating it, is on the ‘About’ page of the GPU website.

To access the draft document, please go to /www.pictureculvercity.com/vision-core-values-and-guiding-principles

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