Temp Check? All CCUSD Families Are Eligible to Receive Free Kinsa Digital Thermometer

All TK – 12th grade CCUSD families are eligible to receive a free Kinsa digital thermometer that connects with the Kinsa app. In the Kinsa app, you have the option to anonymously log and track symptoms so you’re able to make more informed decisions about when to take your child to the doctor and when to keep them home from school (when we get back to school – )  All information entered into Kinsa by parents is anonymous and HIPAA compliant. When reporting illness or if you are unsure whether your child can come to school, we strongly encourage you to contact your school nurse through the app.

Benefits of the Kinsa thermometer program:

There is no cost to join the program (the Kinsa app and thermometer are free) and there are no future costs.
It can be used to complete your daily self-screening of symptoms which is required of all students and staff before coming onto campus.
It improves preventative health behaviors and decreases absenteeism.
It allows for early detection when someone is ill. One of the most reliable ways to catch illness early is to take temperatures regularly. When you catch illness sooner, you can make better decisions about how to keep the rest of your family well.
It allows you to communicate with your school nurse conveniently through the app.
Your school nurse will be able to monitor the anonymous health trends of your school community and help prevent the spread of acute illnesses.
We will be distributing thermometers to families at the times listed below. There is only one thermometer available per family so if you have children at more than one school site, you only have to go to one site. You will need to download the Kinsa app to your smartphone beforehand in order to receive your thermometer.

If you are unable to attend the following dates and times, please contact your school sites health team member via email to make an appointment for pick up.

Linwood Howe Elementary School
[email protected]
Tuesday, September 29: 8:30am-11am (picture day)
Wednesday, September 30: 8:30am-11am (picture day)
Thursday, October 1: 8:30am-11am (picture day)

Culver City Middle School
[email protected]

Culver City High School
[email protected]

Farragut Elementary School
[email protected]

La Ballona Elementary School
[email protected]
Tuesday, October 6: 8:30am-12:30pm (picture day)
Wednesday, October 7: 8:30am-12:30pm (picture day)

El Marino Language School
[email protected]

El Rincon Elementary School
[email protected]

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