Volunteers Needed for Backpacks Program

The Backpacks for Kids program provides bags filled with food and snacks for children to take home each week when needed. Sponsored by Council PTA, the group has been distributing bags all summer and are expecting to distribute even more this school year. The program needs help! Please check out the volunteer opportunities listed below and express your interest in helping – volunteers do NOT have to be CCUSD cleared but masks and distancing are required. Please email Connie at [email protected] if you can help. In addition, monetary donations can be made at www.ccbackpacksforkids.com.

Volunteer Opportunities:

1) Wednesdays, 9-10:30am, Packing Bags at CCMS
Looking for two volunteers that can consistently come to the pantry each week to help pack food into bags. The pantry is a small indoor space located at CCMS so masks and distancing will be required inside. No children allowed. Volunteers should be able to work quickly, may need to carry bags and lift heavy boxes, and should be willing to also do tasks such as mopping the floor, clean, re-stock shelves, take out trash, breakdown/fold boxes, etc.

2) Wednesdays, 11-11:30am, Transporting Bags from CCMS to Farragut Cafeteria
Looking for one or two volunteers who can consistently come to the pantry each week to pick up bags from CCMS and drop them off at the Farragut cafeteria for distribution to students. Volunteers should have a large SUV/minivan/truck to fit ~100+ bags and can comfortably carry and move bags of food.

3) Thursdays, 11:30am-1:15pm, Distributing Bags at La Ballona During Grab-and-Go Meals
Looking for a friendly volunteer to help pass out bags to students/families on Thursdays at La Ballona Elementary School during the Grab-and-Go Meal pick-ups. Volunteers should enjoy working with people and will be expected to help make sure things run smoothly.

Being able to speak Spanish may be helpful.

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