Hand Sanitizer Warnings – Some Brands Are Toxic ( and an Easy DIY formula)

While the virus continues to surge and numbers keep getting worse, it’s essential to have the right cleaning formulas.  Some hand sanitizers that were made in Mexico have been found to contain methanol (wood alcohol). Methanol can cause serious health problems such as blindness, and even death.

If the manufacturer’s name is on the list below, stop using it immediately and dispose of it in an appropriate hazardous waste container. Do not flush or pour it down the drain.

4E Global, SAPI de CV
AAA Cosmetica
DDI Multinacional SA de CV
Eskbiochem SA de CV
Grupo Insoma, S.A.P.I de CV
Limpo Quimicos SA de CV
Liqesa Exportacion or Liq-E-S.A de CV
Maquiladora Miniara, SA de CV
Mystic International SA de CV
Soluciones Cosmeticas SA de CV
Tropicosmeticos SA de CV

If that leaves you ll out of hand sanitizers, here is a simple, homemade recipe that can help out; 

Use 3 parts rubbing alcohol (99% is best, but 91% will do) 

        1 part Aloe Vera gel 

        a few drops of essential oil – lemon, lavender, whatever you prefer.

The alcohol is the cleaning agent, the gel is the ‘binder’ that will maintain the agent on your hands, and the scent will let you know how long it lasts – once you can detect an aroma any longer, it’s time for a fresh dose. 

Of course, washing your hands with soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds is the best, but when you are not near a sink, hand sanitizer is a great thing to have on hand. 



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