Scenes from the Vault – CTG Offers “Spamilton” as Art Goes On

Now that you have had the chance to watch “Hamilton,” the Center Theatre Group and our friends at the Kirk Douglas Theater are offering “Scenes from the Vault” with their wildly successful parody “Spamilton.” 

Celebrate silliness with the Founding Fathers of Spamilton. It’s a theatrical phenomenon, a cultural touchstone, and a certifiable sensation. It’s the best show about Alexander Hamilton since…that other one. After tearing it up in New York and Chicago, this hilarious parody from the comedic mastermind behind the long-running hit Forbidden Broadway arrived on the West Coast at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in November of 2018. 

From the folks who created “Forbidden Broadway,” it reaches out to spoof every piece of theater it can grab ahold of. Need a good laugh? “Spamiltion” wins the battle.

The Actors' Gang

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