Culver City Issues New Public Order Allowing Barbers, Salons and In-person Dining at Restaurants to Reopen with Specific Public Health Protocols in Place

The City of Culver City has issued a new Public Order on June 1, 2020, that allows additional business types to reopen that had been closed due to COVID-19. Highlights of the order:

Hair salons and barbershops may open, following all LA County Public Health protocols for hair salons and barbershops.

In-person dining at restaurants may resume at 60% occupancy, following all LA County Public Health protocols for restaurants.

Additional measures to make it easier for restaurants and retail businesses to use the public right-of-way for outdoor dining and retail.

For more details, please visit the new City’s Coronavirus Business Information Page, where you can now find easy-to-understand information about how to re-open your business organized by business sector.

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