Dear Editor – WLA College Campus Closed

Dear Editor, 

Late yesterday afternoon, under the advice of the County Sheriff, all nine Los Angeles Community College District institutions–including West–were instructed to go into complete closedown due to continuing civil unrest. For the campus, this means that all perimeters are secured. Our essential employees will not be allowed on campus; contractors, as separate entities, have worked out arrangements with the Sheriff so that our construction projects can continue.

As a result, our neighbors will not be able to enjoy their walks around the campus until, at the latest, Thursday morning. We will analyze the situation on a daily basis, and if ongoing consultations with the Sheriff allow an earlier re-opening, I will let you know.

I would appreciate your informing the folks in the surrounding neighborhoods about this situation through your established communication channels, as I don’t have an adequate email list.

Thanks for understanding, and please express my apologies to any one who showed up this morning and were turned away.

We will get through this…


Jim Limbaugh


West Los Angeles College

The Actors' Gang

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