KSM Salutes Take-Out Tuesday; Order from the The Auld Fella!

Restaurants have been hit hard during COVID-19, but owners and employees are all working twice as hard to provide the food that we need. Kevin Kearns, the owner of The Auld Fella, an Irish restaurant, has made sure his business is a safe place for both staff and customers. From everybody wearing masks and gloves to washing hands constantly, The Auld Fella is doing everything in their power to not only keep the employees secure, but the patrons protected also. Kevin says, “anything we can do to help our customers feel safe, we are going to do.”

The Auld Fella made their menu smaller, though they have kept all the favorites like the fish and chips, chicken strips and the shepherd’s pie. Also they are offering family meals which are a good deal for families. Kearns tells us that, “We want to be as helpful as we can to our community and to our friends who a lot of them are struggling right now too. So we are trying to offer value to you as families as we possibly can.”

Luckily, The Auld Fella has been able to acquire all of their usual ingredients during this pandemic. “We have had to search some things out a little deeper,” says Kearns. Though they might have had to switch some brands, everything they usually use is available to them. They have a lot of ingredients imported from Ireland, such as their bacon, pork sausages, black pudding, white pudding, a lot of their sauces, and their baked beans that they still have been able to get.

For customers convenience, The Auld Fella has started to provide curbside pickup. They encourage you to call them directly, but you can also order on Grubhub, Uber Eats and Postmates. Currently, they are active on Grubhub, and will soon be active on Postmates and Uber Eats. Also The Auld Fella has implemented new hours of 12pm to 8pm. Kevin tells us, “we are open all the way through lunch, into the afternoon, and into dinner.” They are closed on Monday to give everyone a chance to regroup, and so they can sanitize the store thoroughly. Also, it helps the employees to get ready for the week ahead.

The Auld Fella staff is going out of their way to make sure it is a safe place for everyone who enters. Kevin Kearns, the owner, is having anyone who enters feel protected by practicing social distancing. Many restaurants have been impacted by this pandemic which makes the employees work harder than ever to supply us with food we need. Kevin says, “When you are ready to come out and leave your homes, we will be here to give you our version of what we feel is home.”

The Auld Fella

(424) 361-5100


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