Parking Enforcement Update – Street Sweeping, Parking Meters, Ticketing and Towing

The City will have relaxed parking enforcement until further notice; but some parking rules still apply. 

Not Enforced
-Street sweeping restrictions in residential areas 

-Parking enforcement around closed schools –

-Moratorium on ticketing and towing for abandoned vehicles and oversize vehicle overnight parking fines –

-Freeze on parking fine increases for the next 60 days –

-Extended grace period for people dropping off or picking up groceries and goods

-Immediate extension on all deadlines for payment until June 1, 2020

Still Enforced
-Residential permit parking

-Parking violations of peak hour restrictions

-parking violations of colored curb zones ( red curb, blue curb) 

-parking meter violations

To view streets with existing permit parking restrictions, please visit the City’s parking permit webpage anytime, or call Parking Permit Support at (844) 357-4997 (Monday – Friday 8 AM – 5 PM) to apply for a residential parking permit.

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