Something to Feel Good About – Sandy Segal Youth Health Center Celebrates 30 Years

Something to feel good about happened this year. The Friends of the Sandy Segal Youth Health Center celebrated its 30th anniversary! This milestone was commemorated at the organization’s annual gala in February. Providing the financial foundation for the Health Center is the mission of the Friends group. This is accomplished through grants, fundraising events, and most importantly contributions from community organizations and individuals.

The Center was the idea of Sandy Segal, school nurse at the time, when she recognized the need for free, high quality health care for students due to the lack of health insurance for so many. It became a reality with grants obtained by the School District and UCLA. Andy Alexander, a driving force in the community, along with Diana Hauptman, organized a group of concerned individuals and groups to raise funds to support the Health Center. This group was called The Friends of the Culver City Youth Health Center which was renamed The Friends of the Sandy Segal Youth Health Center after the renaming of the Health Center in 2014.

In 2004 the Center partnered with Venice Family Clinic which enabled the Center to expand the physical and mental health services offered. Approximately 4500 visits were made to the Center annually. Over three decades that is an extraordinary number of hours of care provided to those in need.

The members of the Friends Board are grateful for the support it has received through the years to continue the important services provided by the Health Center. They are looking forward to many more years taking good care of the children of Culver City.

For more information visit our website or email [email protected].

Sandy Schwartz

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  1. Thank you, Culver City Crossroads, for the article on the Friends of the Sandy Segal Youth Health Center. We on the board are so happy to be a part of this wonderful organization, with great partners and generous community support, that provides much needed health and wellness services to our students and their families of Culver City Unified School District. Please join us every year. Donations are welcome all the time.

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