It’s Takeout Tuesday! Order (Dinner, Groceries, Cookies, Wine) from Akasha!

So, you’ve baked bread, bottled yogurt and and set out the sun tea. It’s the day to give your kitchen a moment to breathe, and order from one of Culver City’s independent restaurants. Our pick for the week is Akasha, and what they have to offer is more than a meal. You can stock your freezer with pot pies, eggplant parm, or potato pancakes. You can get a ‘take and bake’ of tandoori chicken or red mole enchiladas. Something sweet? Individual cherry cheesecake, a snickerdoodle cookie, or chocolate pound cake. You can even get vegan, or gluten free dishes, all of them delicious. There are so many satisfying options.

Akasha has always been the flagship for fresh and local, and they source the best! With a redesign of their website to support the new pandemic pick-up dining scene, you still have lots to chose from; menus change weekly and if your favorite isn’t listed, that’s because they sold out, and you’ll have to come back next time for more.  

There is also wine available to order; you can pair your favorite glass with your favorite bite. 

AND Akasha is a major part of the FeedCulver project, donating meals to those in need. You can include a donation with your meal and know that you are helping out neighbors, helping out restaurants , and investing in the future of Culver City. And nothing is more satisfying than that.

Order at

Pick up available after 4 pm. 

Judith Martin-Straw


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