Congresswoman Bass Responds to Administration Move to Halt Funding for WHO

Culver City’s congressional representative Karen Bass made a statement in regard to the move to halt funding to the World Health Organization. “President Donald Trump’s absolute abdication of international responsibility and leadership is now unequivocally apparent.

“Tonight’s move to halt funding to the World Health Organization in the middle of a global pandemic is the exact opposite of what this country should be doing. As past administrations have done successfully prior, we should be investing in our response capacity and rallying the entire world to respond in a unified fashion to the crisis before us. To abandon this international effort days after our country has officially suffered the world’s largest death toll at the hands of COVID-19 is especially insidious.

“More brothers and sisters will be infected, more mothers and fathers will be admitted to already struggling hospitals and more grandparents will die. This is an attempt by the administration to shift blame away from its own failure to heed internal warnings given as early as January. This administration should be taking every single step possible to build a coalition to defeat this virus.

“And we must.”

Read the full statement from Congresswoman Karen Bass here at

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