EPA Warns Against Pseudo-Protection from Cleaning Products

The EPA has spotted an uptick in products that offer protection with no actual evidence proving that they do so. Some of the pseudo-protective products include a necklace full of a bleaching agent, a sticker that is supposed to provide 30 days of protection against the virus, along with “a range of unregistered disinfectants, sprays, air purifiers and wipes [that] also falsely assert they prevent infection from the virus,” as The New York Times reported.

Disinfectants and cleaners claiming to sanitize against the novel coronavirus have started to flood the market, raising concerns for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which threatened legal recourse against retailers selling unregistered products, according to The New York Times.

In a 22 page list of cleaning agents that worked effectively, the effective household brands available for purchase included products from Clorox and Lysol. Most of the other products are sold to commercial cleaning services. For the Complete list, click here – /www.documentcloud.org/documents/6811083-COVID-19-disinfectant-list-from-EPA.html#document/p1

The products the EPA targeted, some which come from Japan and China, are easily found on eBay and from individual sellers on Facebook.

The EPA said it will implement enforcement measures to make sure retailers are not distributing fake cleaners. It added that it will team up with the Department of Justice “to bring the full force of law” against anyone selling uncertified products as legitimate protection against coronavirus.

If you are making your own cleaning products, be aware that things like bleach, rubbing alcohol, ammonia, baking soda, borax and even vinegar are chemicals that react with other chemicals. Be cautious, and only mix according to a recipe. Also – make sure you are using a container that can tolerate the solution; soft plastic spray bottles can dissolve, and metal mixing bowls can react. Using a non-reactive (ceramic or glass) container is important for acidic solutions. Lastly – wear gloves. What cleans your metal or tile can also burn your skin.

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