Grace Diner – Meeting the Needs, Following the Rules

Volunteer Organizer Lisa Skelley is proud of the new status of Grace Diner; after a decade of serving the needy once a week as a sit down restaurant with a three course menu, they have pivoted to take out, and added two more days.

“We’ve ramped up our meal commitment to our city’s most vulnerable—the homeless and folks struggling to make ends meet during this health crisis we are all facing. Grace Diner now serves 3 days a week..MWF from 4:30 to 6 pm. We are working in coordination with Culver Palms Methodist Church to provide a meal for every weeknight (they serve Tuesdays and Thursdays).

The need for social contact among the homeless and the isolated has been set aside in order to take care of their physical need for health, nutritious food.

“All meals are takeout,” Skelley emphasized “and we are practicing good social distancing.

What about the folks who were staffing the long running Monday evening meeting? “Our volunteer base has been pared from 28-30 volunteers on a given Monday down to 4! Dang, we’re efficient!”

Support has always been key to the success of Grace Diner. “Working with the city who have provided us with hand sanitizer, covid-19 literature and even a hand-washing station for our guests to use – (pictured above.)

Our diners are thrilled at our ramped-up production. You’ve seen the difficulty of getting into markets. It’s a tough time for them. Our meal costs have gone from 2.75 a meal to 4.50–due to the necessity of ordering pre-packaged meals from St. Vincent’s in DTLA.

Hw can you help? “We could really use donations—no volunteers at this point—I need to keep that number low to ensure good distancing.”

If you can make a donation, call Grace Church at (310) 559-1027.

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