Culver City Dial-A-Ride Changes Due to Coronavirus COVID-19

Effective immediately and based on the March 20, 2020 City of Culver City “Safer at Home” Order calling for all residents to remain at home, the Culver City Dial-A-Ride Service will only be available for essential travel, which includes grocery shopping and medical appointments. All other requests will be declined at this time.

Riders who previously used Dial-A-Ride to pick up their meals from the nutrition program at the Culver City Senior Center can send a neighbor, family member or relative to pick up the meals, or contact the Senior Meals program at (310) 253-6712 to schedule the meals to be delivered.

Additionally, if any rider is ill or experiencing any signs or symptoms of illness, including those most common with the coronavirus (COVID-19), we ask that you not ride the Dial-A-Ride, but rather contact your medical provider for further direction or call 9-1-1 only if it is an emergency.

Please Help Your Neighbors
If you are able to assist a neighbor who is 65 or older, or a neighbor who has an underlying medical condition, reach out via phone, text, or drop a note on their doorstep to ask if they need anything before you go to the grocery store or pharmacy. We are all in this together.

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