Culver City 2020 Homeless Count to Take Place January 22

The Culver City Committee on Homelessness (Committee) thanks our 80+ volunteers who have signed up for the 2020 Homelessness Count at 8 pm on Wednesday, January 22.

While the Culver City website is at capacity for online volunteer registration, it’s not too late to volunteer. Members of the public may also visit the Culver City Senior Center (4095 Overland Avenue) to sign up for other volunteer opportunities. Culver City’s Homeless Count is coordinated with the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA), which conducts the count annually.

“Homelessness is a humanitarian crisis that we’ve seen grow exponentially in Culver City and our entire region,” said Culver City Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells. “Counting the individuals experiencing homelessness in our community is the first step in getting much-needed resources to address the crisis. I deeply appreciate the efforts of our Committee, the numerous volunteers who are part of the annual homeless count, City staff, and LAHSA for facilitating this program. By working together, we will improve the lives of those most in need.”

Committee Chair Karlo Silbiger added, “Once a year, it is important for us to take stock of the housing issues in our community and the people affected by it. With your help, we can ensure an accurate count so that we target services exactly where they are most needed.”

About the 2020 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count

The Count is an enumeration of the number of people experiencing homelessness in Culver City. All cities on the Westside of Los Angeles County will conduct the Count on the same night to avoid duplication of individuals counted in neighboring cities. The numbers generated by the Count are statistically analyzed to estimate the number of homeless individuals in a broader area. Since it is not possible to locate every homeless person, each individual that is found “counts” as more than one person for purposes of statistical analysis. Based on the data collected, the County of Los Angeles, State of California and federal government review the results to determine resource allocations to Culver City for housing and homelessness assistance programs.

Drop-in Volunteer Information

Volunteers over the age of 18 can help count while minors can help set up and assist at the Senior Citizen Center. On the night of the Count, Committee Members will also collect donations, such as diapers, toiletries, blankets and socks. Donations will be given to Upward Bound House and other local organizations that have direct contact with individuals and families who are homeless in our community. Drop-in volunteers are also needed to help set up, serve food and drinks and clean up. Volunteers can also help with assembling hygiene packs for Upward Bound House. Please note: If Culver City reaches volunteer capacity, volunteers may be asked to assist nearby sites, such as Palms or Mar Vista.

Why is the Homeless Count Critical?

The Homeless Count is critical because it leads to the distribution of resources for those in need by determining the need of each locality. On the night of the Count, volunteers either walk or drive through their assigned precinct and tally the homeless individuals they observe.

Direct contact with persons observed is not made by Count volunteers. However, based upon Count data, homeless service professionals will dispatch to assess the situation and offer information and resources. Further, all volunteers are trained in safety and tallying procedures prior to the Count. The Culver City Police Department will also participate.

If you have questions about the Count or Culver City’s homeless services, please contact Tevis Barnes, Culver City’s Housing Administrator, at (310) 253-5782 or [email protected].

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