Alexey Steele Confirmed as Artist Laureate

Out of the 17 applications received by the Cultural Affairs Commission for the post of Artist Laureate,  Alexey Steele rose to the top. His appointment was set by Cultural Affairs at their Dec. 17, 2019 meeting, and was moved to the Council for the meeting of Jan 13, 2020. Last night, the City Council confirmed the appointment, and Steele offered his thanks and his thoughts.

“I am a visual artist … who has been a resident of Culver City for six years. I would like to personally thank you for establishing this program, and having the foresight to recognize the potential power and place of art in today’s rudderless society. It has been my family’s tradition to see art as an important instrument in society, and this is what I have centered my artistic career around.”

A parent with twin boys at in El Marino, Steele is currently working with the City of Carson on a project titled “Love my Neighbor.”

“I greatly look forward to finding the best way to apply my artistic abilities and experiences,” Steele stated,  “I can’t wait to get started, and as I always say, in art we trust.”

The premier Artist Laureate, poet Janet Hoult, spoke earlier in the evening, as was her tradition, to offer a poem for the city council. She offered her enthusiasm for Steele, and is pleased to be passing on the mantle. “I think he’s going to bring some fresh energy and ideas to the post, and I’m looking forward to enjoying his work.”

Judith Martin-Straw

Photo credit – CSL Echo

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