Unique Interactive Sculpture ‘Culver Current’ Debuts @ City Hall

With the opportunity to create more public art for Culver City, artist Nate Mohler has launched a piece so unique, it opens a new category. ‘Culver Current’ debuted on Dec. 19, 2019 at Culver City City Hall, in the Dale Jones Courtyard, making use of a space formerly run as a fountain. While the circular base is still in use, what is inside now is a nine-foot tall cylinder of textured Corian, flowing with light and connected communication.

Mohler, a 2019 UCLA Graduate, noted that “Traditional Fountains are feats of engineering and art, capturing the force of nature and reflecting the veins of life within a city. I wanted to reimagine what a modern fountain would look like today, with 2019 traditions and technologies.”

The piece uses 494 LED panels inside the cylinder, projecting video that illuminates the ‘fountain’ from within. Culver Current will also capture digital activity within the city’s borders, and feed that back to the center, creating points of light that will be a part of the constantly changing presentation of color flowing across the surface.

The installation will be at City Hall for a year, and how people interact with the tags #CulverCurrent and #CulverCity will be a major part of the presentation.

The light display is accompanied by music that also constantly changes and flows, reflecting it’s nature as a ‘fountain.’

To his team of lead producer Jacob Fishman, LED and Power Specialist Ruben Jimenez, Eric Vrymoed with Steel Fabrication and Mario Romano in Corian Fabrication, Mohler offered his heartfelt thanks, and bowed to the collaborations as essential to the creation of the installation. “No one does this kind of work alone,” he said, and noted how much he was looking forward to the contributions of the people of Culver City. “Let’s light this place up.”

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