Federal Aviation Administration Requests a Stay from 9th Circuit Court

A joint motion to stay a briefing on a petition for review of actions has been filed on Dec. 16, 2019 with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals by the City of Los Angeles and the Federal Aviation Administration on December 16, 2019. Not only does this create a delay in the schedule, but also features a request by the FAA to “remand the administrative record for the three amended flight procedures being challenged by Los Angeles and …Culver City.”

Stating that they are looking “to remand the record and resolve potential disputes,” the filing by the FAA could be a request for more time, or a move to change their strategy in the dispute about changing flight paths.

Los Angeles, who originally filed against the FAA and was then joined by Culver City, is arguing that the flight paths were changed without FAA following the procedure to gather public comment. The very simple filing – that the lack of public comment made the changes unlawful – may have the FAA looking towards a previous ruling that would step back on comments.

The challenge in pubic opinion – that the flights are too low and loud – is one that the FAA has declined to take on, keeping to a procedural focus.

Dianne Lawrence, publisher of The Neighborhood News stated “We need a big turnout at the next Roundtable of people ready to read the riot act to the FAA reps. I don’t think LAX should be spared since they have expanded to accommodate without any concern for the effects of expansion on the community.”


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