Magnet Education – Your Trash Bins

Did you get a holiday gift from the city? An envelope with two refrigerator magnets might seem modest, but it’s one of those gifts that keep giving back.

While there have been changes in the city’s waste collection system over the past few years, not everyone knows that –

Pizza boxes go in the green bin with the garden waste

Dry metal and aluminum cans go in the blue bin with the recycles (no liquids please)

All kinds of food waste can go in the green bin; if you are a home composter, you’d leave out any meat, dairy or fat, but Culver City can take care of it all. And of course, the coffee grounds & paper filters.

Plastic #1 through #5 can be put in the blue bin, clean and dry. Other plastics are black bin, that’s landfill, so avoid purchasing.

Waxed paper containers – milk, orange juice, etc. go in the green bin.

As reflected by Kim Braun, Environment Programs & Operations Manager, Culver City does a great job of sorting their stuff – but there’s always room for improvement.

If you did not get refrigerator magnets, get in touch with Public Works at There’s not a moment to waste!


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