Alexey Steele May Be Next Culver City Artist Laureate

Artist Alexey Steele may be confirmed tomorrow night, Dec. 17, 2019 at the Cultural Affairs Commission as the new Culver City Artist Laureate. After a months-long outreach campaign for an Artist Laureate, the Cultural Affairs Commission has confirming the nominee on the agenda, as recommended by the sub-committee, to launch the role.

Steele has been active artistically in Culver City. Most recently, at the Music at the Wende series, he stepped into the role of Master of Ceremonies as the voice of Classical Underground for a program called “Between Revolutions; Human Triumph over Tragedy in the Soviet Experiment,” and spoke about his father, also a painter, and a survivor of the Russian Civil War and the Red Army.

Originally from Kyiv, Ukraine, Steele has lived in Los Angeles since 1990. He had his first one-man exhibition in the United States at the Carnegie Museum of Art in California in 2004.

Embracing a philosophy of Novorealism, a “Beauty-Centric” system affirming a concept of beauty as an integral part of evolutionary aesthetics and a key building block in a “source code” of humanity and thus one of the defining characteristics of the human species.

Current Artist Laureate Janet Hoult will be coming to the end of her term.

Judith Martin-Straw

Photo Credit – Anastasia Chernyavsky

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