National League of Cities Adopts Resolution on Flight Noise

At the City Summit of the National League of Cities held in San Antonio, Texas from Nov. 20 to 23, Culver City’s Vice Mayor Goran Eriksson was in attendance. Working with the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Eriksson helped to pass the resolution on overflight noise, and saw it formally adopted by the NLC.

Online, Eriksson offered “I’m now back in Culver City after a successful and educational summit…[at] The National League of Cities business meeting on Saturday afternoon, with the support of my colleges … the resolution regarding overflight was adopted as Resolution #35 “REDUCE THE ECONOMIC, NOISE AND HEALTH IMPACTS OF OVERFLIGHTS OF CITIES FROM IMPLEMENTATION OF NEXTGEN’S AIRSPACE REDESIGN”.

With many Culver City residents feeling personally impacted by the hours, the frequency and the altitude of planes coming into LAX, the years-long battle for response from the Federal Aviation Administration has been a frustrating one.

The resolution gives cities a tool with which to do more work. “This is now a starting point for NLC advocacy in Washington D.C. for the next 12 months,” Eriksson continued, “regarding NextGen (allows for aircraft to fly more closely together, both vertically and horizontally, during landing and takeoff, which has concentrated flights path at low altitudes over residential areas of the U.S. with increased frequency) and the implementation impacts.”

Eriksson shared his work at the Summit with the group Culver City for Quiet Skies.

The City Summit is the culmination of NLC’s policy and governance work for the year.

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