McMorrin Steps Into City Council Race

While the twilight was falling on Lafayette Place, the enthusiasm was rising at the address of CCUSD School Board President Dr. Kelly Kent. Hosting the first kick-off party for the Culver City Council election to be held in November of 2020, Kent introduced Yasmin – Imani McMorrin to the dozens of people gathered with sincerity and superlatives.

“Even though she has only lived in Culver City for three years, Yasmin has already accomplished a lot; volunteering to support Measure K, serving on the Culver City Unified School District Equity Strategic Planning Committee, and working as the co-founder of the Culver City Community of Color Collective. That is a lot to accomplish in three years!”

Kent brought School Board Vice President Summer McBride up to speak, and she was equally ardent in her remarks. Citing McMorrin’s service on the commission and the collective, McBride offered that “She knows full well that these positive outcomes cannot become a reality without policy, and she has the vision to make that happen.”

Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells also spoke, along with City Council member Alex Fisch, about the council’s need for diversity, and leadership that would reflect the population. Sahli-Wells pointed out the dismal number of women who have held city council seats – five – and Fisch pointed the crowd towards the need for fundraiser to begin as early as possible.

When McMorrin spoke, she easily reflected the compliments that had been given to her, and thanked all who had spoken on her behalf. “I often say – I could not have imagined this life for myself…” She focused on her daughter Madison as her inspiration and her entry way into working on equity.

“My definition of equity is when folks get the tools they need to thrive. To be honest, I’m often nervous that I bring it up too much… but I truly believe that equity should be the glue of every policy decision. When we we think about climate justice, or insuring the safety of those on bikes and on foot, and most importantly, planning for housing… Who are we planning for and how do we include them in these decisions?”

“When I chose Culver City for myself and my daughter, it was because we felt truly welcomed here. I fell in love with the walkability of my neighborhood, and the fact that I don’t have to leave it [ to find what I want.] I don’t know if I’m [the kind of leader] that Harry Culver had in mind when he founded this place, but how awesome is it that I can stand here and say I’m Yasmine McMorrin and I’m running for city council?”

Applause followed, and the contests for the council seats are underway.

Judith Martin-Straw



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