CCUSD School Board Workshop Explores Workforce Housing

Once a month, CCUSD holds a Board of Education Workshop in which a single, special topic is explored in-depth. These workshops are less formal than the bi-weekly board meetings, and the public is invited to have an open discussion with the board during these sessions.

A CCUSD School Board workshop on workforce housing was held Tuesday, October 1, 2019, focusing on how Culver City can provide more affordable housing for CCUSD employees. It was well-attended by Culver City residents, CCUSD staff and three members of the Culver City Council. Data was presented based on a survey of 360 CCUSD staff, including teachers, administrators and classified staff. The data indicated that 78% of the staff who filled out the survey currently live outside of Culver City. In addition, 28% commute more than 10 miles to their campus; and just below 50% of those surveyed spend more than 30 minutes commuting each way – in some cases more than 60 minutes.

An organization called Landed, which supports educational staff on the path toward home ownership, presented to the large crowd. The board decided to discuss this issue at a future meeting and will present language that will go into a resolution regarding the district’s interest in supporting staff housing on campus property. The details of the direction the district will take and the requested partnership from the city in pursuing that direction will be discussed and voted on publicly.

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  1. I am a teacher in LAUSD and a CC resident. I absolutely support the notion of affordable workforce housing for our school district employees. I just wonder whether employees were asked whether they want to move into CC. That would seem to be necessary piece of information before trying to make any decisions. I believe other school districts have tried this, and the issue usually becomes one of affordability. The employees who can afford the district-provided housing are not in need of it, and the ones who need it can’t afford the price that the district is forced to charge so that it does not take a loss on the housing.

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