Sandy Segal Youth Health Center Honors Falk and Bartfield

The Friends of the Sandy Segal Youth Health Center recently honored two of the longtime staff members of the Center at a garden party in September held at the home of David and Diana Hauptman. Dr. Francine Bartfield and Dr. Cecile Falk began their decades of leading the mental health component at the Health Center in 1991 while affiliated with the Los Angeles Child Development Center. The Venice Family Clinic now coordinates those services at the Health Center.

The doctors have contributed 4,000 to 5,000 clinical hours a year at the Health Center and assisted more than 300 families. They facilitate a variety of groups for students ranging from eating disorders to family problems. College interns mentored by Dr. Falk and Dr. Bartfield are trained at the Health Center leading their own groups.

The theme of the event was “Everything Grows with Love” reflecting the care and concern the two have contributed to the Health Center helping students grow into healthy, confident adults. The afternoon began with a tribute to the memory of Dr. Sarah Carpenter who recently passed away. After her retirement from her medical practice, she served as president of the Friends group and volunteered her services at the Health Center.

Dr. Falk and Dr. Bartfield were presented with Meyer lemon trees as a reflection of the growth they provide to so many of our students.

The Sandy Segal Youth Health Center is located on the campus of Culver City High and Middle Schools. The Center, operated by the Venice Family Clinic, offers free physical and mental health care for Culver City students. For more information go to the Center’s website or call Diana Hauptman at 310-839-0862.

Stephen and Sandy Schwartz

From left to right – Dr. Cecile Falk , Diana Hauptman, and Dr. Francine Bartfield is on her left.

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