Runway Closure May Lead to More Jet Noise

In an announcement from Los Angeles World Airports, the closure of a runway for maintenance may exacerbate the noise situation that many Culver City residents are already calling intolerable.

Noting that “LAX will temporarily close the north inboard runway (24L/6R) to perform various maintenance activities for 19 hours starting Saturday, October 5th at 1 pm through Sunday, October 6th at 8 am. Persons living near LAX may notice a change in aircraft flight activity and noise during this temporary runway closure.”

The fact that this is a very short term shift may not be recognized by people directly affected by the early morning flights and the jet noise at very high decibel levels.

From LAWA, ” When the north inboard runway (24L/6R) temporarily closes during this time period, more aircraft are expected to use the north outboard runway (24R/6L) for departure and arrival operations. Some aircraft operations are also expected to shift from the north to the south runway complex. Furthermore, closing Runway 24L/6R normally does not require the FAA to deviate from Over-Ocean Operations. However in this circumstance, the maintenance work areas will require closing said runway as well as certain taxiways, which will not allow the use of Over-Ocean Operations between 12 AM and 6:30 AM.”

While complaints are still constant and legal challenges to the airport continue, residents can take some small comfort that this particular challenge will be over in a few days.

Judith Martin-Straw

The Actors' Gang

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