Wende Museum to Begin “In Search of Our Times” Conversations in October

We live in a polarized society. Republicans accuse Democrats of socialism, Democrats charge Republicans with fascism. It seems impossible to find basic agreement on topics like immigration, climate change, gun control, science, truth, the news, or even the weather. In these times of confusion and anger, the Wende Museum is inviting artists, writers, scholars, philosophers, journalists, politicians, and freethinkers to discuss what brought us here, and to open up new perspectives.

The first conversation – The Power of Culture – will take place at the Wende on Sunday, October 13. there will be a reception at 2 pm and the formal program begins at 3 pm. The questions to be considered; how can the arts contribute to a better understanding of our world and our lives? What do they have to say that cannot be expressed by other means? How can art and culture impact political realities in a culture of power politics, and what gives them the moral authority to do so?

Speakers are Farrah Karapetian, Ada Mukhina, Kulapat Yantrasast and Patrick Scott. Moderated by Joes Segal, Chief Curator and Director of Programming at the Wende Museum.
The six panel discussions are presented as part of Wende Conversations: A Discussion Series Supported by Susan Horowitz and Rick Feldman.

To RSVP, go to 33506.blackbaudhosting.com/33506/Lecture-The-Power-of-Culture

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