Dear Editor – Development and Education Can Offer Even More Space

Dear Editor,

I attended the community meeting on August 29 at Temple Akiba regarding The Oasis, the project that is proposed where Coco’s and the Post Office sit right now. I went as someone who supports the project on the principle that we need to build housing. Period.

A question was raised about whether there is space in Culver City schools for the children who will move into our many new housing projects. I don’t know how many students currently attend CCUSD schools with permits from surrounding school districts. I do know that in 2010 there were about 1400 students with permits into the city’s schools. That means that there is plenty of wiggle room in our district to accommodate children who live in our city.

Please don’t hear me say that we should revoke existing permits. I am not saying that at all. Children who currently have permits, along with their parents, have made huge contributions to the district, and those contributions deserve to be honored. In the future, however, as new housing developments are finished, the district may have to cut back on granting new permits, to save space for resident children.

What I did not say at the meeting, but what I do believe, is that The Oasis should actually be a story taller than is currently proposed, to allow for the inclusion of more affordable housing, and to allow the overall rents in the complex to be lower. I suspect that this is not possible because of the requirements for construction for earthquakes, but I can always hope.

Christine Ferreira

The Actors' Gang

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