So Where Are They Going?

It was just a short while ago that every school in town held their promotions, commencements and graduation – students celebrated. At Culver City High School, graduation is the door to the future. So, what comes next? Where will they go ?

Out of 458 graduates, 245 will be going to a community college for a two year commitment, 154 will go to a public four year school, and 61 will be going to a four year private university. Ten of our grads will go into tech/trade/arts education. Staying in state is very fashionable; 80 will be going to a Cal State School, 50 will be attending a University of California – 14 of those students will be attending UC Santa Cruz, the most popular UC  on the list.

And yes, they are going to Harvard, and Emerson, and Yale. They are going to Columbia and the University of Chicago. They are going to Portland, they are going to Boulder, they are going to Hong Kong.

It all started here, with a toss of a hat.

Judith Martin-Straw

Thanks to CCUSD Assistant Superintendent Tracy Pumilla for the numbers.


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