Dear Editor – Coyotes and Jackson Gate

Dear Editor,

As you probably know by now, the City Council has approved the three year $210,000 LMU coyote study, despite the fact that the study has no stated outcome goals to resolve the coyote problem.

It is widely believed that that the coyotes’ main access to our neighborhoods is from Ballona Creek. The lead LMU researcher, Eric Strauss, said one of the first things Culver City should do to curtail the coyotes’ access to our streets and backyards is to repair and/or close all holes and access points in the fencing separating our homes from Ballona Creek.

The City Council is now planning to permanently open the maintenance access gate at the end of Jackson Ave. This will allow the coyotes easy, 24 hour access to the Carlson Park neighborhood, as well as Carlson Park itself, and all the other Culver City neighborhoods.

If you do not want coyotes freely roaming and hunting on your streets and in your yards any time day or night, please let the Council members know.

They are holding a meeting this Thursday (tomorrow) @ City Hall @ 4 pm to discuss and/or approve the permanent opening of this gate. If this is important to you, please go to the meeting and fill out a Speaker’s card so you can tell them why you think this is a very bad idea. If you are not able to go to the meeting, please email your comments to the City Clerk and all of the Council Members.

The job of the Council Members is to serve the citizens of Culver City, not to pursue her/his own agenda. It is our responsibility to let them know what we need and want them to do. It is their responsibility to act accordingly. If they are unwilling to do so, then it is incumbent on us to elect a new Council next year who will.

Geli Harris

The Actors' Gang

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