Budget Sessions – Cultural Affairs to Continue Grants, Create New Artist Laureate Program

Culver City’s Department of Cultural Affairs is gearing up; with the 2019-2020 fiscal year soon approaching, the department submitted a proposed budget of $227,188 including both new plans and continued projects from prior years.

The department plans to continue with the Art in Public Places Program as well as the Historic Preservation Program, considering both “as pertains to the development process.” With new construction plans like the Ivy Station, 8888 Washington Blvd. (Platform II), The Culver Studios, Culver Steps, Citizen Public Market, One Culver, Culver Public Market, and Culver West, there are plenty of public places for the Department of Cultural Affairs to install art.
In addition, they will proceed with a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Art in Public Places Program in the form of a temporary art program. Their pocket-sized walking art tour book is also now available for free. Additionally, there are new plans to support the collections management of art created as a commission for the Art in Public Places Program.

The Culver City Performing Arts Grant Program, which provides nonprofit performing arts organizations in Los Angeles with grants. The organizations are chosen through an online application process, which the Department of Cultural Affairs is hoping to streamline.

New plans to develop more flexible lighting, sound, and stage options in Vet’s Auditorium are set to be implemented through the Cultural Venue Enhancement Project.

Funding will be allocated to continue operating the Open House Program, designed to increase public performances in Culver City by promoting informational events at Veterans Memorial Building, the Kirk Douglas Theatre and the Ivy Substation for Culver City-based performing arts organizations.

The Department of Cultural Affairs has been working in conjunction with the Cultural Affairs Commission (CAC) on multiple fronts: supporting the Cultural Affairs work plan and coordinating with City Council subcommittees to do outreach and develop a partnership with the Creative Economy Report in order to create a timeline to update the Community Cultural Plan.

In the next fiscal year, Cultural Affairs will revise the City’s Municipal Code in regards to the Historic Preservation Program. They intend to prioritize more Historic Preservation Program updates, like context statements and surveys.
Lastly, there will a completely new program implemented: the Artist Laureate Program. Every two years there will be an Artist Laureate appointed, in one of three categories: performing arts, visual arts, and literary arts. The intention of the program, which will begin in January of 2020, is to increase recognition and appreciation for the arts in Culver City, as well as supporting the local artists themselves.

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