Public Art Gets a Fresh Shine – Sundial @ Bill Botts

This 24-foot sundial sits on top of Bill Botts Field, “growing” out of cascading tile and mosaic works in the form of water droplets. This artwork was created by artist Lucy Blake-Elahi in 1994. She worked with 6th-graders from Echo Horizon School to make the mosaics representing local flora and fauna. You can also see the word for “time” in 12 different languages – all spoken in Culver City.

Many of the tiles had cracked due to wear and tear and the shifting ground. The numerals on the sundial were cleaned so their original brass color shows through. The sundial’s gnomon (the rod that casts the shadow) tells the time and can be read from the south side in winter and the north side in summer.

We hope you will go see it and enjoy the incredible view from downtown Los Angeles to the ocean.


The Actors' Gang

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