Urban Forest Grows – CC to Plant More than 20 Trees

The Culver City Public Works Department Maintenance Operations Division has started Spring tree plantings. Over 20 trees will be planted in the city over the next few weeks.

Culver City’s urban forest is an integral part of the city’s ecosystem. Trees improve air quality, provide shade, and reduce surface temperature. There are approximately 15,000 trees lining residential and arterial streets and City parks, offering a beautiful backdrop to the 5 square miles of the City.

In 2016, the city adopted the Urban Forest Master Plan. This plan won the “Astounding Urban Forestry Project Award” from the California Urban Forests Council and reflects the City’s commitment to nurturing a resilient urban forest. The plan outlines a clear vision about the current and future plans for the City’s trees and provides guidance on long-term and day-to-day maintenance of community trees.

Culver City’s team of Urban Foresters usually plant new trees during spring and early fall, optimal planting seasons for trees to acclimate and develop new roots before the next growing season. Sometimes new trees are planted after sidewalk repairs, especially if a tree is removed to repair sidewalks to a safe condition. Other times new trees are planted to replace dying or diseased trees. The Urban Forest Master Plan details a tree palette with recommendations for the species of trees for different ecological zones in the City.

The city maintains tree wells, removes decaying and diseased trees, removes fallen branches, and trims overgrown branches obstructing street signs and traffic signals. Each City tree is trimmed approximately once every three to four years.

Property owners are not allowed to trim or remove city-owned trees located in parkways. However, residents are encouraged to play an important role in keeping parkway trees healthy. Mulching or planting within the drip line of any shallow rooted tree should be done with care. Please refer to this guide for more detail on parkway tree care.

The city is not responsible for maintaining trees located on private property. Property owners should contact Southern California Edison or the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power or the Golden State Water Company to remove portions of the tree that interfere with utility lines and roots that interfere with water metering devices.

For information regarding industry standards used by professional Arborists for tree care and related information, see http://www.isa-arbor.com and http://www.natlarb.com/.

To report a fallen tree or tree branch during business hours call at 310-253-6420. For after hours assistance, call the Culver City Police Department at 310-253-6202.



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