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If you love coffee as much as you love supporting local business, life is getting a lot easier in Culver City. While corporate coffee is still lurking almost everywhere, there are a growing number of places to enjoy your java and keep your money local.

Indigo House Coffee Lounge at 12512 West Washington Blvd. is the new incarnation of Magic Forest. The relaxed and spacious room that was once a place for playdates is now just as welcoming for grown-ups, with a menu that reflects the care and feeding of all ages. Plenty of excellent choices for java, tea and hot chocolate are accompanied by tasty pastries from Hotcakes and Rockenwagner. It can hardly get more local than that. If you are looking for something savory, they have quite possibly the best spinach croissant in town, with really flavorful spinach and a subtle touch of grated nutmeg wrapped in postcard perfect pastry.

Super Domestic at the corner of Culver and Madison is pouring some beautiful brew, roasting beans from Lord Windsor in-house, creating the nut and oat milks on the premises. The truly indulgent sweets from Larder Baking are a big notch above memorable; have you ever had a peach cobbler filled donut? More than bike friendly, there are bike racks out front, and helmets for sale inside. It’s a little bit punny – a ‘domestique’ is a French cycling term that compliments a cyclist who is working to help out the whole team. The snug shop has additional seating outside, and a sidewalk society that can keep a caffeinated conversation rolling.

310 Coffee is part of the small village sprouting at the intersection of Washington Place and McLaughlin. The airy, blond-wood space is often filled to capacity; it’s the kind of spot where people meet friends to talk, or bring their laptops to work. Individually hand  filtered cups of Stumptown Coffee can be sipped along with cookies, muffins and croissants. A selection of tea includes green gunpowder (my grandma’s personal favorite) and masala chai. Kombucha is also on the menu, for those who like a bit of fizz.

While Culver City will never have the climate to grow our own coffee, roasting and brewing it here is getting to be a more wide spread practice. If you can pass by Seattle’s favorite mermaid, you can find some truly great coffee is not far at all.

Judith Martin-Straw



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