Arts for All – CCMS Dance

Rather than bring you face-to-face with CCUSD arts education programming,  we’re bringing you feet-to-feet. All 546 sixth-graders at CCMS began their dance unit during their regularly scheduled PE class. Under the toe-tapping tutelage of professional dancers Carol Zee and Morgan Hood, the students tapped, shuffled, and ball-changed, while learning about rhythm and beat.

“Dance offers enormous benefits both academically and artistically,” says Zee, who is also AVPA’s Creative Director for Dance at Culver City High School. “Learning to dance requires focus, patience, coordination and an attention to detail that is often lost in today’s world where answers are just a google search away. These skills can carry over into the classroom learning and … it’s fun.”

“In this unit called Rhythm and Movement, students are learning eight different phrases of movement along with choreographic tools which they will use to create their own work in small groups. Socialization? Check. Teamwork? Check. Patience? Check. Perseverance? Check. Problem Solving? Check. Consensus building? Check. Communication Skills? Check. That is what dance can do.”

Generously funded by Sony Pictures Entertainment for the second year in a row, dance will continue each Monday for the next six weeks. Students will also get to choreograph their own dances at the end of the unit.


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